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Skinfluff* pineapple punch

Skinfluff* pineapple punch

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This body butter is used to moisturize the skin and leave it very smooth. This body butter is infused with Shea butter, grapeseed oil , and arrowroot powder, 

This product is made with all organic products but if you start to feel I slight irritation on you skin please stop using!!!! 

This product is Mango pineapple scented 

Disclaimer: Theses product are not to be consumed in any way by humans!!! These Items is strictly for the body.

These products can cause huge medical problems if consumed so please DONT DO IT!!!!

Seek medical help if you may have accidentally consumed it especially if something doesn’t feel right.

due to the hot climate body butters can melt but they still contain the same benefits!!!

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• 8 oz container


for the best results use while in the shower. This foam is water activated so the water helps the scrub become foamy.
• make sure your skin is wet

• take a scoop of product and rub on desired area for 10-15 sec in circular motion

• then rinse off


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