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Getsugard* coconut blend

Getsugard* coconut blend

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This product is used to exfoliate and soften the skin. I wanted to create a product that was good for the summer time, that would help moisturize, balance the skin, and hydrate the skin 

8 oz container 

scent : Caribbean coconut 


ingredients : vegetable glycerin, foaming whipped soap base, sea salt (sodium chloride), neon colored mica, sodium lorate, purified water, vitamin e oil, fragrance oil, citric acid, coconut oil, distilled water, and sugar 

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• 8 oz container


for the best results use while in the shower. This foam is water activated so the water helps the scrub become foamy.
• make sure your skin is wet

• take a scoop of product and rub on desired area for 10-15 sec in circular motion

• then rinse off


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